You Will Always Belong

About the Book

A joyous reminder that every child was created by God with infinite beauty and purpose, told in fun-to-read rhymes with a powerful message and vibrant illustrations—from the New York Times bestselling author of When God Made You

All that God saw when God designed you was beauty and purpose and everything true.

In a loud and confusing world, every child needs to know they belong, they always have belonged, and they always will belong. This gorgeously illustrated picture book encourages children to recognize their belonging so deeply that they are free to be their most authentic selves, certain that God created everyone exactly as they are supposed to be.

In You Will Always Belong, children will discover:
• The truth that we matter to God and were designed with purpose
• Encouragement towards acceptance and contentment
• The gentle reminder that the people who truly love us love ALL parts of us
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You Will Always Belong

You belong! You do.
That’s always been true.
You’ve belonged to yourself
since you were tiny and new.

On your very first day,
when you breathed on your own,
you belonged to yourself
and were made to be known. 

You had value and meaning,
you were worthy of love,
and the only unknown
was who you would become.

About the Author

Matthew Paul Turner
Matthew Paul Turner is a photographer, speaker, and author of numerous books, including the bestselling When God Made You, When I Pray for You, and What Is God Like?. More by Matthew Paul Turner
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About the Author

Lauren Gallegos
Lauren Gallegos has been illustrating since 2009. She is always looking for opportunities to illustrate great stories with the desire to see how her work will impact the young minds of our future. More by Lauren Gallegos
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