A Message in the Moon

About the Book

This gorgeous picture book illustrates the unique relationship between children and their parents and how this special love connects them always, from near or far—from Emmy-nominated actress, producer, and New York Times bestselling author Roma Downey.

Oh Moon, moon, moon that shines so bright.
Please send this message far . . .
So all will know that they are loved,
No matter where they are.

A Message in the Moon was inspired by Downey’s own story of losing her mother when she was just ten years old and the comfort her father brought her. Years later, when Downey left home for college, her father pointed to the full moon and told her, "Whenever you feel alone, always look into the night sky, and you’ll be reminded of how much I love you. I’ll leave a message for you in the moon.” That simple comfort remains with Downey today, and now she is passing it on to parents and children alike.

Beautifully illustrated by New York Times bestselling artist Holly Hatam, A Message in the Moon features charming vignettes that show characters finding reassurance in the moon’s message. “Whether your child is going to their first sleepover, their first day of school, or their favorite stuffed animal is inexplicably gone, whether they are experiencing the loss of a goldfish, or a sibling has left for college, A Message in the Moon helps parents to explain the feeling of longing to their little ones,” Downey writes.

With whimsical artwork and uplifting rhymes, A Message in the Moon is a perfect reminder for parents and children alike that they are never alone. They just need to look to the moon and remember that they are loved.
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A Message in the Moon

Dear Parent,

Many years ago, when I was just a teenager preparing to leave Ireland for school in England, I began to feel anxious. This was before the Internet and cellphones, and to be so far away from my father with no way of immediately reaching him made me feel a bit nervous. My mom had passed when I was only ten, so my daddy was my everything. One night, just a few days before I was scheduled to leave, he took me outside to the backyard. It was a clear night with a full moon. And he said, “Roma, wherever you are in the world, that moon will be shining on you. So whenever you feel alone, always look into the night sky, and you’ll be reminded of how much I love you. I’ll leave a message for you in the moon.” I hugged him, so grateful for his sweet gentleness and his constant care and attention.

As the first full moon ascended after I had settled in England, I went outside and looked up at the moon, and I instantly felt my dad’s love. It was a great comfort. At that time, I even created this little rhyme: “Moon, Moon, Moon so bright, take our message in your light. Then shine on us so we will know that we are loved wherever we go.” This little verse became the inspiration for this book all these years later. Unfortunately, my beloved father died during my final year in drama school. In my deep grief, I was so worried that since his spirit had departed from this earth, I would not be able to feel his love in the moon. That he would no longer be able to send messages. That I would see the moon and not feel his presence, as I always had before. I was almost afraid to go outside and look.

But I finally walked out to the very backyard where he had promised his moon messages. I looked up at the big, bright moon, and sure enough, I felt him—his quiet love, so silent yet so strong. I picked up his message: “Wherever you go in the world, Roma, the same moon will always be shining down on you. So never forget, no matter where you are, I will always be there, loving you.” Tears streamed down my face as I felt his love so powerfully. The moon has been a beautiful symbol of comfort to me all these years, and I’ve shared this message with my own daughter, Reilly. Even though we have the technology to be literally at each other’s fingertips no matter how many miles may be between us, I sometimes text her when we’re apart, even now that she is grown, and say, “Go look at the moon! I left a message for you there.”

My intention in writing this book is to offer that same reassurance to your children. If ever your children are anxious about you traveling for work, or about going to Grandma’s house overnight, or nervous about a first sleepover with a friend, you can read this sweet story about the message in the moon and bring comfort to them. They will carry this image with them for their whole lives, like my own daughter has. And the constant moonlight will forever remind them they are not alone and they are dearly loved. For the truth is, we never walk alone.

“He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart” (Psalm 91:4).

Reading with your children is so valuable. These are precious moments to share together. May God bless your family, and I hope you enjoy A Message in the Moon.

Love and light,


About the Author

Roma Downey
Roma Downey, OBE, is an Emmy-nominated actress, producer, and New York Times bestselling author who has been creating inspirational content for twenty-five years. She gained fame for her role as the kindhearted angel Monica on the popular network show Touched by an Angel. With her husband, Mark Burnett, she has produced the miniseries The Bible, A.D.: The Bible Continues, and The Dovekeepers, as well as the films Son of God, Woodlawn, Ben-Hur, and Resurrection. Roma Downey is president and CCO of LightWorkers, the faith and family division of MGM. More by Roma Downey
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About the Author

Holly Hatam
HOLLY HATAM is the illustrator of the #1 New York Times bestseller Dear Girl by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Paris Rosenthal, along with a handful of other children's books. She illustrates in a whimsical, quirky mixed-media art style. In addition to children's books and graphic design, Holly's other passions include snuggling with her husband and son, spending time hugging trees, filling up her pantry with tea, and sticking her nose in a book. She and her family live in Ontario, Canada. Visit her at hollyhatam.com and @hollyhatamillustration. More by Holly Hatam
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