Tarot of the Divine Handbook

A Guide to Understanding Tarot Symbolism

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A guided journey through the archetypes and symbolism of tarot, as interpreted by the artist behind Tarot of the Divine, the tarot deck rooted in multicultural deities, folklore, and fairytales.

Reading tarot cards is both an art and a mindfulness practice. In this guided journal, artist Yoshi Yoshitani guides spiritually curious readers through the universal symbolism in each of the 78 cards in a tarot deck, offering space to reflect on your own understanding of the cards, as well as activities to strengthen your tarot-reading skills.
Yoshitani describes the art and archetypes of the Major and Minor Arcana in Tarot of the Divine, outlining the cards’ key interpretations and visual symbols. Throughout, the vivid art and fascinating background prompt you to explore the Fool’s Journey, interact with the cards in new ways, and apply your learnings to any of your favorite decks. Yoshitani's reflection questions provide a thoughtful avenue to approach your tarot readings, encouraging you to record your findings along the way. 
Study the archetypes, connect with your favorite cards, and strengthen your intuition using Yoshitani’s Tarot of the Divine as an anchor for learning.
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Tarot of the Divine Handbook


The power of tarot has always run in its rich symbolism. Today, there are agreed upon meanings for each of the seventy-eight cards in a deck, but how an individual decides to interpret the cards before them is where the true majesty of tarot flourishes. This is why each deck, coupled with the unique experiences a reader brings to the table, provides a dizzying and sometimes overwhelming range of possibilities for interpretation. This handbook is here to help.

I created this book to help any tarot reader—from brand-new to experienced readers—form a deeper understanding of tarot. With symbolism breakdowns, unique exercises, and guided ritual suggestions, readers of all experiences will strengthen their understanding of tarot and connection with their intuition.

While my insights are specific to Tarot of the Divine, this handbook can be used as a jumping-off point for interpreting the art in your favorite deck. Card by card, you will come to understand the archetypes and symbolism, and by the end of this book you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of Tarot of the Divine and a broad understanding of tarot as a whole. As you grow and change, so will your perception and intuition. Use the blank space in this book to record your readings, interpretations, and new-found knowledge.


Symbolism. Relationships. Insight.

We begin with the fundamentals of tarot and the systems they are built on. Alongside a series of card interpretations, you will notice blank pages for your personal use. These spaces are for you to fill with your own insights and experiences.

Document your relationship to a particular card and track your interactions with it. Reference this book during your readings. Record any personal associations you develop as you study the cards. As you fill in these pages, you will develop your own vocabulary and perception of your tarot deck (or decks!). If you completely fill up the pages, feel free to use another journal, or pick up a new workbook and consider how your connection to the cards is constantly evolving.

The last section of this book has pages of exercises, activities, and spreads to help deepen your associations with the cards. You may use these ideas to fill in the card pages of the workbook.

About the Author

Yoshi Yoshitani
Yoshi Yoshitani is a California-based artist whose vibrant illustrations draw on inspiration from across the globe, with a particular focus on multicultural identity. Past clients include Disney, DC Comics, Valiant, Image, DreamWorks, and Netflix. Yoshi spends time researching world mythologies, listening to audiobooks, creating fashion inspiration boards, and attending comic conventions and art expos across the country. More by Yoshi Yoshitani
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