Winter's Gifts

About the Book

A vibrantly illustrated children’s book about an Indigenous girl who finds awe in the resting and waiting that winter teaches us and shares with her friends how Creator’s gift of gratitude can transform the way we see the world.

Your thankfulness is your gift to Earth.

Winter’s Gifts is the tale of a young Potawatomi girl named Dani whose family celebrates the darkest season of the year by treasuring the slowness that winter brings. Dani’s schoolmates think it’s silly to think that Earth gives us presents, but on a magical snowy day, her family and Creator give Dani the courage to teach her friends about the gifts of winter—resting, remembrance, and gratitude. Can Dani help them receive winter’s gifts?

Winter’s Gifts is a joyful and tender family story of honoring creation, the power of storytelling, and how a new perspective can transform us.
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Winter's Gifts

This story is about a girl named Dani (Dah-nee). Dani is the Potawatomi word used to describe affection toward a beloved or special daughter. So, Dani represents not just the special love we share with our human families but also our special status as the beloved children of Creator and of Earth, who was made by Creator to be our mother. I hope you enjoy getting to know Dani in these pages. —Kaitlin

Dani touches a frost-
covered branch on the
oak tree in her yard.

She shivers.

Winter, or bbon, is coming in a few days.

Her family will light a fire, or shkodé, and
think about the darkest night of the year.

Many of her friends are afraid of the dark, but not Dani.
The dark feels like a hug, and winter is a time for cozy hugs.

The dark of winter reminds us to rest—even the bears rest in winter.

An Indigenous Celebration of Nature Series

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Winter's Gifts

About the Author

Kaitlin B. Curtice
Decorative Carat

About the Author

Gloria Félix
Decorative Carat