The Lore, Legends, and Legacy of Cannabis

About the Book

A mind-blowing visual journey through the legends, legacy, and lore of marijuana, including fun facts, engrossing stories, and 100 mouthwatering portraits of the most popular strains out there.

Higher breaks through the cloud of confusion around marijuana with a clear, concise, and comprehensive breakdown of bud. The culmination of significant research and conversation within the cannabis community, Higher offers portraits of the 100 most popular strains of yesterday and today, including intel on lineage, taste, THC content, and common effects, as well as stories about the misfits, visionaries, hijinks, and happenings that make cannabis so entertaining. Topics include: 

  • Origin Stories: The rise and spread of modern cannabis, from its emergence in the Hippie Trail of Central Asia up to the present-day Emerald Triangle in California.
  • Prohibition: A historical timeline from legal to illegal and back to legal, including the “Marihuana Tax Act,” the war on drugs, medical marijuana, and the end of prohibition.
  • Anatomy: A complete breakdown of the plant’s unique and complex botany.
  • Breeding: The evolution of cannabis, from “wild” landraces and the first domesticated crops to the invention of sinsemilla and hydroponic hybrids.
  • Consumption: All the ways humans have imbibed through the ages—eating, smoking, rolling, vaping, tinctures, and so much more.
  • Strains: The world’s most important and influential cannabis strains ever created, including profiles of fifty classic and fifty modern strains.

Featuring stunning, whole-plant photography, Higher offers the eye candy and sound information today’s diverse and discerning cannabis enthusiast wants.
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Puff . . . puff . . . pass. This simple stoner mantra perfectly conveys the essence of cannabis culture. Almost everything we know about this miraculous plant is based on a gathering of subjective wisdom—stories and experiences passed down (and to the left) from generation to generation. People from all nations and eras have gathered to partake and tell stories. But since the United States outlawed it in 1937, reefer’s reputation has been undermined by sullied science and propaganda. After almost a century of little to no legitimate research and plenty of misinformation, the cannabis concepts we hold to be true today are still just preliminary and, at times, suspect. It’s no wonder there is so much uncertainty surrounding this cherished plant and its impact on humankind.

As the legal cannabis market continues unprecedented, rapid evolution and access to an increasingly complex myriad of products becomes the norm, it’s easy to lose the forest for the trees. It can be hard to fully grasp such a fast-moving phenomenon, but knowledge is power—and in order to comprehend the zeitgeist surrounding cannabis, we must arm ourselves with a 360-degree appreciation of this multifaceted gift from the universe. Exploration and experimentation are key to our understanding of all things cannabis and make all the puffs we take more pleasurable. This personal journey always has been and always will be intertwined with our connection to cannabis.

In each new plant is an opportunity for innermost experiences. With each tale of high hijinks emerges a fascinating oral history. Every new value and tradition created and shared for the culture is born from instinct, sprung from the shadows of criminalization to propel cannabis to the forefront of modern science, society, and syndicates. Now, with cannabis in full bloom, this has all become vastly more entangled, with more growers, varieties, and hype introduced daily. The seemingly endless array of cannabis corporations, brands, and products now available is a pothead’s dream . . . and it can be overwhelming.

Higher breaks through this cloud of confusion with a comprehensive, clear, and concise, and breakdown of bud. Is this book a historical encyclopedia? A step-by-step grow guide? A scientific dissertation? Nope, it’s none of those things. Higher is, at heart, a visual companion to a journey through the legends of cannabis. Think of this book as an accessible field guide to becoming an unapologetically more enlightened pothead.

Higher captures the stories, lore, and legends of cannabis cultivation throughout modern history, from the origins of “420” to the first delicious hit of Pavé. It explains some choice science and intel on how cannabis is bred, grown, packaged, and consumed today. It unpacks and highlights all the wonderful strains that have impacted the legacy and perception of pot. Designed to enhance an already enjoyable experience, Higher inspires us to explore all the nooks and crannies that make cannabis so phenomenal for recreational, medicinal, and seasoned stoners alike.

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Erik Christiansen is a self-taught photographer and pioneer of focus-stacked photography. His hyper-detailed macro photography has been featured on the cover of Newsweek, in Time magazine, and on Slate, NPR, and Mashable. More by Erik Christiansen
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