Reimagine Home

Devotions, Recipes, and Tips for Loving Your Home Through Every Season

About the Book

Simplify your home and experience the peace God wants for you in every season with twenty-eight encouraging devotions, practical decorating tips, and stunning photography.

Homewhether a camper van, mansion, or anything in betweenis where we recharge and rest, where we learn and grow, and where we welcome others. And for Christians, our home should be a small reflection of God's kingdom on earth. 

Unfortunately, our homes often feel anything but peaceful, ordered, or representative of who we are. If this sounds familiar, consider Reimagine Home a gift of inspiration and your personal invitation to quiet all voices of comparison and tune in to what really matters when it comes to your home—creating a space where you can know the love of God and share that love with others. 

With twenty-eight devotions that span the four seasons of the year, Reimagine Home encourages you to begin creating the home you want on a schedule that works for you, offering customizable tactics, helpful tips, and an undated format. Accompanied by beautifully inspiring, full-color photographs that inspire peace instead of perfection, this devotional provides a sense of calm to each day.

As you read each short reflection and explore the practical home styling tips, you will be inspired to curate a home that reflects who you are and welcomes others the moment they walk in the door.
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Reimagine Home

A Time for Everything

With each passing year, I have gained a greater understanding of the truth that life is meant to be experienced in seasons. Whether we like it or not, our lives are seasonal, with times to reset, times to celebrate, times to gather, and times to rest. Though each season is drastically different from the others, it is also uniquely valuable and necessary. Seasons are also part of God’s creative design, not just for the planet Earth but also for the places we call home.

Whenever we direct ourselves or ofucur expectations away from God’s design, the misalignment brings unnecessary stress and complexity into our lives. Fortunately, the opposite is also true. If we intentionally align ourselves with how God has designed the world, we are able to experience refreshing simplicity in our lives. This simple and seasonal perspective on life can be so transformative, particularly when it comes to our homes.

In today’s society, it is so easy to be overwhelmed by an unhealthy pressure to have our homes looking like the latest magazine photo or Instagram post. As a result, we can find ourselves always searching for more luxury and perfection, instead of stewarding our homes towards hospitality and simplicity.

Whether you live in an apartment, condo, townhouse, camper van, two-story house, mansion, or anything in between, may this book invite you into seeing your home for the gift it is. As you read through the devotions, may you become grounded in the natural rhythms of life that God has created, and may the practical tips offered here encourage you to seek the beauty of simplicity that can be found in every season.

About the Author

Sarabeth Galimba
Sarabeth Galimba is a wife, mother of four, artist, interior decorator, real estate agent, and former youth pastor. She wrote Reimagine Home, her first book, as a personal and practical guide for those who want to bring simple beauty back into the look and life of their homes. When she is not working on a home project with her husband or trying out a new recipe, she enjoys spending time making memories with her family and sharing home styling tips through her Instagram account ladyofthehome. She and her family live in Salinas, California, with their dog and pet chickens. More by Sarabeth Galimba
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