Where Wildflowers Grow

About the Book

A beautifully moving picture book that reminds us that wherever we move—across the sea or across the neighborhood—we can always keep growing . . . just like wildflowers.

After being uprooted from their home in Vietnam, young Hà is happy with her new life at the refugee camp. But today is Moving Day! And while the rest of the family is excited to head to their "forever home" in America, Hà doesn’t want to leave.

Leaving means saying goodbye to her best friend, her loving teacher, and the beautiful wildflowers she picks daily. She's not ready for yet another change. Who will play the game Ô Ăn Quan with her? What if she can't master speaking English? 

Can Hà carry the best parts of her beloved camp with her? Can wildflowers grow in America too? 

Inspired by the author's childhood, Where Wildflowers Grow explores the emotional struggle of moving and the joy in discovering there's always hope in new beginnings.

Look in the back of the book for pictures and details about the author’s journey to America, as well as rules to play the game featured in the story!
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Where Wildflowers Grow

Today is moving day.
Ba opens the window, pulls the curtains
back, and stretches his arms to the sky.
Má gently brushes her hair and clips it back.

My siblings rush out of bed one by one, smiling brighter
than the sun and wider than the window in our bunkhouse.

I stay underneath the blanket. 
"Can we stay a little longer?" I beg. 

“Nonsense! We have been praying for this day
for so long, and now it’s here!” Má exclaims.

About the Author

Hà Dinh
Decorative Carat

About the Author

Bao Luu
Decorative Carat
Random House Publishing Group