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140 Healthy Recipes for Weekday Cooking: A Cookbook

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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • 140+ delicious and accessible recipes for super-easy, family-friendly, mostly gluten-free weekday meals, from the TV star and author of True Comfort

In her bestselling cookbooks, True Comfort and True Roots, Kristin Cavallari shared nourishing and comforting recipes that encouraged fans to cook healthy meals at home. Over the years she has changed her thinking on what healthy truly means, and has embraced intuitive eating with less restrictions. In Truly Simple, she focuses on the weekday meal, with more than 140 quick and easy recipes that will lift you out of that cooking rut (126 of the recipes are gluten-free). In her most personal book yet, Cavallari shares her hard-won philosophy on cooking for kids and spending more time out of the kitchen and around the table.

These simple recipes include:

• Breakfasts: Blueberry Cinnamon Sugar-Baked Oats and Turmeric Fried Eggs with Sauteed Kale and Chili Oil
• Salads: Vegan Buffalo Cauliflower Salad and Salmon BLT Salad with Tomatillo Ranch
• Lunches: Cheesy Stuffed Poblanos and Veggie Rice Bowl with Sweet Tahini Sauce
• Dinners: Tuscan Spaghetti Squash Casserole and Panfried Chicken with Spicy Arugula and Honey Mustard
• Snacks: Gluten-Free Naan with Tzatziki Sauce and Spicy Grilled Peaches with Balsamic Glaze
• Desserts: Skillet Carrot Cake and Cold Brew Brownie Cookies
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Truly Simple


Truly Me

When my publisher asked me if I’d write a book without the help of a chef, my immediate reaction was “No way, I can’t do it alone.” The help I had for my other cookbooks was always my security blanket. But then I sat on this request for a few weeks and realized I absolutely can, and in fact, I’m up for the challenge. But more, I’m up for letting everyone see the real me. I’m excited at the thought of sharing my weekday meals—the food I make with my kids, nothing fancy, nothing too hard or complicated—with everyone. My real life.

And to be honest, of all the books I’ve done, I enjoyed the process of making this one the most. Just me, in my kitchen, with my ideas, my experiments, and my inspiration—and all based on my schedule. With the help of my taste testers (which mostly consisted of my kids and a few friends), I found this process the most relaxing, enjoyable, and rewarding. I’m my most comfortable at home in my cozy clothes and without makeup, so being able to create this book while doing just that was honestly a dream come true. For about five months, my days consisted of making yummy food and going to the grocery store, which was a nice departure from the past few years during which I was hustling—filming a TV show, going to my office at Uncommon James, and hosting different gigs among other things. It felt like I was able to take a little break from life. Just be Mom and be in my kitchen. I loved every second.

The inspiration for these recipes came from all over—some I’ve had for years, others came from different restaurants where I’ve eaten, still others came from images I’ve seen on Instagram or in magazines. And some were just special requests from my kiddos. And obviously, keeping the theme in mind, all the recipes had to be effortless. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a time and a place for elaborate meals, which I do really enjoy making when the time is right, but this cookbook is all about those busy weekdays, running from one thing to the next while still wanting a delicious, healthy meal on the table for the fam.

The theme of this book mirrors my life during the past few years: I’m not trying to be something I’m not, and I’m okay with letting everyone see the real me. I’ve stepped into my comfort zone, and it feels really damn good. I’ve let go of perfectionism and trying to do it all. In a general sense, I’m more at peace. And it shows through my cooking. I’m all about simplicity these days.

That’s not to say the foundation of how I eat has changed, but I’ve definitely swayed in a few areas. And that’s okay. Health and our own personal journey are forever evolving, and hopefully, we are continually growing and coming to a better understanding of ourself.

My philosophy has always been to eat real food and to limit processed stuff. However, the thing I’ve bent the most is my old rule: “Don’t eat anything white.” I’ve come to believe that, even if something is white (flour, sugar, salt), as long as it’s in its natural state, then you can have at it. Maybe white sugar isn’t the worst thing for us on the planet. And even if it is, having a little bit here and there helps me stay sane in this crazy world. Life is too short to always say no to something so sweet.

So, if you take away just one thing from this book, let it be this: Let’s not be so hard on ourselves and instead let’s enjoy life because it goes too damn fast. Hopefully, you actually do love these recipes and take away much, much more than just that one thought. But you get what I’m saying.

About the Author

Kristin Cavallari
Kristin Cavallari is a television host, designer, entrepreneur, and author of the New York Times bestsellers True Comfort, Balancing in Heels, and True Roots. She starred in MTV’s hit series Laguna Beach and The Hills, as well as her very own show, Very Cavallari on E!. Cavallari has a recurring role on E!, co-hosting the “Behind the Scenes at the Emmys” pre-show. She is the founder and CEO of the lifestyle and jewelry brand Uncommon James, and she resides in Nashville with her family. More by Kristin Cavallari
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