Nadiya's Everyday Baking

From Weeknight Dinners to Celebration Cakes, Let Your Oven Do the Work

About the Book

The beloved Netflix host and New York Times bestselling author of Nadiya Bakes and Time to Eat presents more than ninety sweet and savory recipes for every meal, occasion, or mood.
Nadiya Hussain, winner of The Great British Baking Show, knows that what we bake depends on the day of the week and what mood we’re in. In Nadiya’s Everyday Baking, Nadiya shares nearly 100 simple and achievable recipes for breakfast, dinner, dessert, and everything in between. 
Organized by situation and occasion, Nadiya’s recipes are designed to always provide for a delicious, rewarding meal no matter what kind of day you’re having:

• Everyday Kind of Days when you’re short on time: Harissa Pita Pockets, Sweet Potato Jalapeño Gratin, Crispy Tofu Lettuce Wraps
Chill Out Days when you want to move and cook slowly: Spring Onion Pancakes, Tandoori Chicken Naan Sando, Spicy Smashed Chickpeas
Rainbow Days when you need some color in your diet: Spinach and Paneer-Stuffed Shells, Crunchy Okra Fries, Fruity Baked Ricotta Dip
• Happy Days when you want to cook something uplifting and celebratory: Paprika Egg Phyllo Tart, Mushroom Carnitas, Chocolate Hazelnut Cookie Pie 
• Baking Days with simple desserts for beginner bakers as well as elevated bakes for experienced ones: Cake in a Jar, Hot Chocolate Custard Pudding, Indian Gulab Jamun Cheesecake 
This stunning collection of recipes, alongside delightful photography and Nadiya’s warm, inspirational voice, is sure to become a new favorite for home cooks and bakers alike.
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Nadiya's Everyday Baking


Baking is a language I never imagined I would speak. As a first-generation British child growing up in a lively, colorful Bangladeshi home, bursting at the seams with delicious exotic food, we cooked everything, we ate everything; you name it, we ate it. We ate everything . . . but cake.

We didn’t bake. We did stovetop cooking and reserved the oven space for storing frying pans and such. The oven knob untouched, never turned. It lay unused.

For some reason I never questioned it, why we never baked like Delia in her Christmas specials. She had an oven in the wall, whereas we had a free-standing one and despite my small, ever-inquisitive brain, I never questioned if they were the same thing: an oven, but just slightly different.

It was someone else’s world. Not mine; well, not until it became mine.

Eventually I realized that anyone can bake, you don’t have to have a fancy kitchen, an oven in the wall, expensive equipment, a TV show. Anyone can bake—you, even me—all you need is an oven. You don’t even have to love baking, as it’s a love that grows with time, with every bake you undertake, and before you know it you’ll be hooked on the sweet smell of baking in the kitchen.

Like me, you can learn to love baking with these straightforward, delicious, and achievable recipes. There is a recipe in here for every kind of day. Some days you might want cookies, cakes, or pastries, when you’re relaxed and have time to spare. But other days you may be spending time outdoors, or in a rush during the week, and what you need is on-the-go food, or dinner on the table fast. There are also recipes for what I call rainbow days, when you want something healthier; days when you want to chill out with something cozy; and not forgetting those big celebration days. From surprise snickerdoodle cookies, an easy oven chicken stew, and a breakfast pizza, to angel layer cake slices, a whole citrus seabass, and a stunning meringue cake, who says you can’t bake every single day?

About the Author

Nadiya Hussain
Since winning 2015's Great British Bake Off in a finale watched by over 13 million viewers, Nadiya Hussain has become a national treasure. She has presented many of her own BBC2 cookery series to great acclaim, with episodes reaching on average 1.9 million viewers each week. Her next cookery series, Cook Once, Eat Twice, will air on BBC2 in autumn 2024, accompanied by her brand-new TV tie-in cookbook.

Born in Luton to British Bangladeshi parents, Nadiya now lives in Milton Keynes with her husband, Abdal, and their three teenage children. She was awarded an MBE in 2020 for services to broadcasting and the culinary arts. Her bestselling cookery titles include Nadiya Bakes, Time to Eat, Nadiya's Fast Flavours and Nadiya's Simple Spices. More by Nadiya Hussain
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