Love Letters to My Baby, Revised and Updated Edition

A Guided Journal for Expectant and New Mothers

About the Book

A gorgeous keepsake that invites expectant mothers to record and preserve their most cherished memories, messages, and prayers for their new baby, from pregnancy through the first two years—now revised and updated

Love Letters to My Baby by Vickey Banks invites expectant mothers to put down in words how their child is wanted, dreamed about, and loved. Designed to be used from the first news of baby through the first few years of infancy, this beautifully designed, full-color journal offers space for moms to record special memories and pen messages for the child who inspired them. Each section begins with a verse of Scripture, provides a brief devotional on the stages of pregnancy and young motherhood, and lists questions and prompts for reflection and writing inspiration.

Special features include:

• Illustrated family tree spread and pages to attach ultrasound and baby photos
• A record of baby’s “firsts,” including first laugh, first steps, first words, first church attendance, and other important milestones
• Space to list special gifts for baby along with the loved ones who gave them
• Pages for baby shower guests to pen prayers or other sweet messages
• Activity in which mom can trace baby’s hand inside her own for a lasting keepsake
• Brand-new full-color watercolor designs
• New “Note from Dad” section in the back for fathers to pen their own special letter to baby

Within these beautifully designed pages, moms will find space to write down first impressions and share heartfelt messages and prayers for a new baby. With the resulting collection of letters and memories, Love Letters to My Baby will become a precious keepsake that mothers and their children will cherish forever.
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Love Letters to My Baby, Revised and Updated Edition

Dear Mom,
CONGRATULATIONS! An awesome miracle has taken place inside your body. I’ve read books on it and experienced it twice, yet I am still totally confounded by how God makes babies. A heart that pumps blood, eyelids that open and close, fingers and toes that wiggle and delight—how can these masterpieces be minutely formed inside your increasingly cramped tummy?
Whether you are a first-time mother or like the woman in
 the shoe—with so many children she didn’t know what to do!—this book is for you. Pregnancy and motherhood are so astounding that your heart simply won’t be big enough to hold all the wonder and dreams your new baby will evoke. This guided journal was designed to help you capture them all in a very special collection of love letters and prayers—to be given one day to the precious child who inspired them.
Since this is yours and your baby’s journey to record, feel free to adapt any of the prompts to write about what you most want to communicate. Furthermore, since your baby might be a boy or girl (or even twins or triplets!), I will alternate the use of “she” and “he” throughout the devotions.
And now, pick up a pen and write about your love on paper. May God use your words to write 
your love upon your little one’s
 heart forever.
With love, Vickey

About the Author

Vickey Banks
Vickey Banks is the women’s ministry director of Council Road Women, a popular conference speaker and Bible teacher, and the beloved author of Sharing His Secrets and Love Letters to My Baby. Her work has appeared in a dozen compilation books, including Stories for a Woman’s Heart and Stories for a Man’s Heart. As an inspirational speaker and writer, she is passionate about encouraging women to see and claim biblical truth in their daily lives. She and her husband, Brian, have two children, five grandchildren, and a dog who thinks he’s a person. They make their home in Oklahoma. More by Vickey Banks
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