The Crafter's Kitchen: An Official Minecraft Cookbook for Young Chefs and Their Families


March 19, 2024 | ISBN 9780593579923


March 19, 2024 | ISBN 9780593579930

About the Book

This official Minecraft cookbook expands beyond its sixty recipes, giving aspiring young chefs the tools needed to begin a lifelong love of cooking—as well as important lessons on environmental stewardship.
Welcome to The Crafter’s Kitchen, an official Minecraft cookbook and your starting point for a food journey across the Overworld and our very own planet! Your guide is a Minecraft chef named the Gourmand who sees the planet Earth with wonder—as well as concern. Where they come from, apples don’t come out of plastic bags. Every ingredient has its own story and has its own place in nature. And everyone composts.
The sixty recipes in The Crafter’s Kitchen are ideal for kitchen first-timers and kids learning to cook with their parents. Each chapter features a different biome of the Minecraft world, from the deepest ocean to the highest mountain, spotlighting delicious, easy-to-make recipes as well as environmental issues facing similar areas in our own world, like:

• Ocean: Garlicky Ratatouille Kabobs, Banana Dulce de Leche Batido, and cleaning up at the beach
• Forest: Applesauce Snacking Cake, Chicken Cacciatore, and starting your own garden
• Taiga: Cardamom Bear Paws, Swedish Meatballs, and supporting wildlife refuges
Through the magic of this Minecraft cookbook—and cuisine—kids can expand and explore their understanding of the food they eat and the world they will grow up to inherit and protect.
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The Crafter's Kitchen: An Official Minecraft Cookbook for Young Chefs and Their Families


Whether you live in Minecraft like I do or whether you are a person living on Earth, there’s something we all share: a love of good food!

Who I am? You may call me the Gourmand. Why the Gourmand? I think of myself as something of a foodie, because I like to try out new foods I find during my adventures. I’ve traveled all over the place you know as Minecraft, going everywhere from the plains with bee’s nests and chickens to deep into the jungles with melons and cocoa to high up in the mountains with rabbits. The garden at my home gives me all sorts of fruits and vegetables. I’ve been a happy eater.

But then I learned about this place called Earth! Not only does Earth have all sorts of things to offer (even if it’s missing important things like mooshrooms), but it also has so many more foods than I could ever have dreamed up. There I was, happily drinking my milk, having no idea you could use it to make yogurt, chocolate ice milk, cheese, and more. I was cheerfully chomping down on carrots with little pieces spraying everywhere, not realizing I could make a carrot salad.

While adventuring around Earth looking for recipes, I also learned that you can’t generate a new world here like you can in Minecraft. As I’ve observed Earth, I’ve come to realize that its beautiful environments are more fragile than they might seem, so taking good care of the world is important. This book includes some tips on sustainability, which is all about not harming the world, so we can all enjoy its bounties for years to come. You can get your friends and family involved and protect your world!

But focusing on sustainability doesn’t mean we can’t have fun or eat wonderful foods! You know, just thinking about all these recipes is making me feel hungry. You can make every recipe with your family, snack on them while playing Minecraft, or prepare them for a birthday party. Come on, let’s go exploring through these Minecraft-inspired recipes together! Bon appétit!

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