Minecraft: Master Builds

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Marvel at Minecraft’s greatest creations and meet the builders who have taken the game to new levels.

Packed with stunning illustrations, Minecraft: Master Builds showcases the creations that have taken the game to new levels, and introduces the builders behind them. 
Explore all the possibilities of Minecraft, from stunning underwater sculptures to impressive space panoramas, or travel through time to visit grand medieval towns and futuristic cityscapes. Each colossal creation is shown in beautifully rendered illustrations to highlight the painstaking details that make these builds masterful. The exclusive interviews with the builders shed light on the creative forces and processes behind each build.
Whether you’re marveling at the wonders that Minecraft’s greatest builders have to offer, or searching for inspiration to become one yourself, your tour begins here.
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Minecraft: Master Builds


One of the most amazing things about Minecraft is how we can all share our creations, be inspired by each other, and learn.

I never considered myself a builder, not like those other people—like the people who build the kind of creations you will find in this book. I felt like they had something special that I was missing. I've spent many hours watching players build amazing things and looking at the details of their creations to figure out just how they could make something look so good. After all, we all use the same blocks, so in every creation there is an opportunity to discover a new style or technique. 

I kept building, taking on larger projects and making videos about them, even joining the Minecraft development team. Despite this, there was never a single point where I felt like I had become a builder—there was always so much left to learn! Over time I've come to realize that there is no bar to clear. We can all build and with the boundless imagination of the Minecraft community there is always something new to be inspired by. 

Whether you are looking for amazing creations to marvel at purely for their aesthetics or inspiration for the next project in your world, I am sure you will find something in this book. With every player's unique background there is always a new perspective leading to another amazing project. 

We are all builders. 

Mikael "slicedlime" Hedberg
Minecraft tech lead and content creator

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