Minecraft: Super Bite-Size Builds

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The next book in the popular Bite-Size Builds series, following Bite-Size Builds and Amazing Bite-Size Builds.
Learn how to design, build and customize over twenty new mini-projects in Minecraft. With detailed instructions, block hacks and build tips, this book will teach you new tricks and help you practice old skills as you create bite-size builds to impress your friends in Minecraft.
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Minecraft: Super Bite-Size Builds


Welcome to the third installment of the Bite-Size Builds series! This book is packed with 20 new fun mini-projects for you to build in Minecraft. From igloo hideouts to mud block greenhouses and dangerous arcade games, there’s a build for everyone between these pages!

No matter how good a player you are, there’s always more to learn as you discover Minecraft. With exploded diagrams and detailed step-by-step instructions, this book will guide you through over 20 unique builds, providing helpful tips to ensure you can complete them all with ease. The builds vary from small to large and from simple to difficult. Check out the key on each build to find out more.

Embrace your creativity and put your own stamp on these builds. If you think your build will look better with different blocks or tweaked designs, follow your instincts and make these builds your own. Soon, you’ll be showing off your incredible talent to the world around you.

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