Minecraft: Mobspotter's Encyclopedia

The Ultimate Guide to the Mobs of Minecraft

About the Book

It’s time for adventure! Discover all there is to know about every mob in Minecraft in the official Mobspotter’s Encyclopedia: The Ultimate Guide to the Mobs of Minecraft.

You’ll meet seven expert guides, who are full of stories of their fun experiences, and be taken on a tour to explore every corner of the Overworld. You’ll even navigate to the Nether and experience the End dimension, on a thrilling journey to witness all seventy-nine mobs in existence.

Discover how to survive a shoot-out with skeletons, dive for treasure with dolphins or risk a run-in with the Ender Dragon—and then start a whole new adventure of your own!
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Minecraft: Mobspotter's Encyclopedia


Welcome to Minecraft, a place where exploration and discovery are rewarded with the most spectacular sights and magnificent mobs you could ever see. Many are neutral and some are passive but, unfortunately, lots are hostile and you will need to be prepared—especially when it comes to the dangerous dimensions of the Nether and the End. There’s never been a better time to get started, so let’s meet the hosts that will be guiding you along this wild adventure!

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Minecraft: Mobspotter's Encyclopedia
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