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Prime Time Romance

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September 3, 2024 | ISBN 9780593790281

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About the Book

Is love on the small screen better than the real thing?

A young divorcee finds herself in the ideal world of her favorite 2000s teen soap in this second-chance, whimsical romantic comedy from the author of This Spells Love.

Newly divorced on the eve of her thirtieth birthday, Brynn is sick of heartbreak. She thought she had found her happy ending, but now she’s living with a roommate, Josh, to afford her mortgage, and she’s trying to adjust to her new single life. At least she’s got Carson’s Cove to binge, her beloved 2000s teenage soap. The show ended unexpectantly on a cliffhanger after five seasons, and the two main characters, Sloan and Spencer, never got to declare their love for each other. The show is still perfect in Brynn’s eyes; despite all the drama that goes down, things always have a way of working out in Carson’s Cove . . . unlike her own life.

So when a birthday cake surprisingly shows up on her and Josh’s doorstep, Brynn makes a wish for the one thing she’s always wanted (but has failed to achieve herself): a happily-ever-after.

The next morning, she doesn’t wake up in her apartment. She’s in Carson’s Cove . . . and Josh is there too. Everyone seems to know them, except they’re not Brynn and Josh; they’re Sloan, the sweetheart of Carson’s Cove, and Fletch, the town’s bad boy. And to get home, they have to make Brynn’s wish come true by ensuring Sloan and Spencer, the hometown heartthrob, end up together at last. But as they spend more time together, Brynn and Josh realize that Carson’s Cove might not be as perfect as seen on  television . . . especially when they start developing feelings for each other in a plot twist no one has expected. Will they stick to the script, or will real love change the story forever?
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Praise for Prime Time Romance

“With Prime Time Romance, Kate Robb whips up a magical story that feels both gleefully nostalgic and completely fresh. Anyone who’s ever spent hours watching their favorite TV couple’s best moments on a loop (spoiler alert: it’s all of us) will be all-in on Brynn and Josh’s love story—it’s fun and witty and full of such swoony moments, I had no choice but to devour it in one sitting.”—Jessica Joyce, bestselling author of You, With a View

Prime Time Romance is an absolute delight from start to finish. Robb delivers all the atmosphere and charm of a small-town Hallmark romance but with a sexy, magical twist. Any reader who has ever rooted for the bad boy to get the girl, or for the girl to get her long-deserved happily-ever-after will fall for this completely original and binge-worthy book.”—Melissa Wiesner, author of The Second Chance Year

“Sparkling with charm, Prime Time Romance cleverly scratches a nostalgic itch. Romance readers will swoon! And anyone who grew up on small-screen tropes will love the dose of reality used to subvert them. This is a magical delight from start to finish!”—Holly James, author of The Déjà Glitch  

“Robb writes the hell out of a romcom. I enjoyed every second of this fast-paced, magical, and electric novel.”—Hannah Bonam-Young, author of Out on a Limb
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About the Author

Kate Robb
Kate Robb is the author of This Spells Love. She dated a lot of duds in her twenties (amongst a few gems) all providing excellent fodder to write weird and wild romantic comedies. She lives just outside of Toronto, Canada, where she spends her free time pretending she’s not a hockey mom while whispering “hustle” under her breath from the bleachers, a Pinot Grigio concealed in her YETI mug. She hates owls, the word “whilst”, and wearing shorts and aspires to one day be able to wear four-inch heels again. More by Kate Robb
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