Remember Love

Words for Tender Times



About the Book

From the beloved, New York Times bestselling author of Heart Talk, a collection of prose and poetry that explores how we can find light in periods of lostness, love for ourselves after heartbreak, okay-ness in the midst of change, and strength in letting go.

How do we find steadiness within ourselves in the midst of dizzying personal and global change? 
At a time when many of us feel overwhelmed by fear and isolation, Cleo Wade’s Remember Love offers intimate, uplifting words that anchor, nurture, and make us feel less alone.
She shares that the heart work we do for ourselves is not done to avoid the tough stuff—periods of lostness, self-doubt, depression, grief, heartbreak, and anxiety. Wade instead suggests that to live is to get lost, and it’s our task, our great privilege, to learn to love ourselves so that we can handle these periods and our discomfort does not block our healing. Remember Love reminds us that lostness is not our permanent state but a starting point for self-discovery, connection, and growth.
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Remember Love


Poetry was my therapy before I could afford a therapist. Every time I have wondered, “How on earth am I going to get through this?” I turned to paper and pen. It is not possible to know the answers to all of life’s questions or problems. Most of them don’t even have answers, they simply request that we let go, learn from, or live with what happens to us. Because of that, I have found that what we really need is comfort and good company as we make our way. We are tender beings living in a tender time. I think a lot of us are wondering, “How on earth am I going to get through this? How on earth are we going to get through this?”

It is helpful to believe that you and we will get through this. It is also helpful to know that you are not alone. I wrote this book in hopes it could offer a hand to pull you up if you feel stuck, a companion that will be by your side and walk with you no matter where you’re going or what you are going through.

Remember Love is a collection of poems and ideas that moved me. They moved me from one mood to another. They moved me from a fear-based decision to a grounded choice. They moved me from a frenzied spiral to a moment of pause. They moved me from shame and confusion to love and okay-ness. These words helped me get somewhere new when I needed newness the most. They helped me befriend change and re-enter my own light when I had felt lost in the dark for a really long time.

I hope this book helps you feel your light again if things have been dim. I hope it feels like a friend who loves you. Truly, that is why I wrote it.

The world is not staying the same and neither are we, but we are going to be okay. I believe that. And I am so thankful we have each other. Community will carry us through. As will poetry, art, and, of course, deep and lively love. Let us remember that. Let us remember love.

Love forever & ever,

Cleo Wade

About the Author

Cleo Wade
Cleo Wade is a New York Times bestselling author and poet whose work explores the beauty, hope and the power and practice of love within ourselves and our communities. Her books include Heart Talk: Poetic Wisdom for a Better Life, Where to Begin: A Small Book about Your Power to Create Big Change, and What the Road Said. She is from New Orleans, Louisiana and currently lives in California with her partner, Simon, and their two daughters, Memphis and Bayou. More by Cleo Wade
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