Do You Still Talk to Grandma? Workbook

Do You Still Talk to Grandma? Workbook

When the Problematic People in Our Lives Are the Ones We Love

About the Book

With this incredible workbook, renowned motivational speaker, teacher, and storyteller Brit Barron will guide you in the emotional work of holding on to your deepest convictions without giving up on the people you love.

The Do You Still Talk to Grandma? Workbook is a practical and deeply researched guide to understanding the psychological and emotional dynamics that lead us away from constructive disagreement and into binary moral judgments of heroes and villains—and to the steps we must take if we are to transcend groupthink and transform our relationships.

In this companion to Brit Barron’s Do You Still Talk to Grandma?, you will learn to recognize behavioral patterns online and in yourself that cause social justice efforts to become toxic. You’ll practice new emotional and thought habits that will help you to be responsive instead of reactive. Through insightful and provocative writing prompts, you’ll discover how to
• identify cognitive splitting
• notice when group belonging competes with individual values
• make sense of “internet brain”
• navigate the difference between consequences and punishment

For anyone who wants to move beyond the conflict between moral conviction and close relationships with people whose views are problematic, the Do You Still Talk to Grandma? Workbook is an essential guide for the concrete actions we can take toward transformative justice in our everyday lives.
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About the Author

Brit Barron
Brit Barron is a renowned speaker, teacher, and storyteller and the author of Worth It: Overcome Your Fears and Embrace the Life You Were Made For. Barron’s ideas and accomplishments have garnered the attention of numerous prominent national publications, making her a highly sought-after speaker on the topics of sexuality, spirituality, race, and personal development. Brit Barron and her wife, Sami, live in Los Angeles with their dog Charles Barkley and numerous houseplants that they do their best to keep alive. More by Brit Barron
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