What in the World?!

What in the World?!

A Southern Woman's Guide to Laughing at Life's Unexpected Curveballs and Beautiful Blessings

About the Book

The “Mrs. Maisel of Appalachia” packs a hilarious punch with real talk about what it’s like to be a woman today—from rebelling against the latest diet trends to dealing with perimenopausal mean girls and attending rock concerts in middle age.
For a long time, no one pulling the strings in the comedy world thought that a woman over fifty from rural Tennessee could make it in the industry. But Leanne Morgan has defied the odds, reaching millions with her musings on hormones, low-rise britches, Weight Watchers, and her opposites-attract relationship with her husband, Chuck.
In her charming southern accent, Morgan brings readers inside her quest to find her voice after spending many years trying to figure out what that meant. Along the way, we learn how she grew up as a butcher’s daughter, landed a husband with health insurance, honed her stand-up technique selling jewelry at house parties, embraced the glories of aging, and surrendered to the comfort of wearing big flesh-toned panties.
Equal parts warm and hilarious, this book is a must-read by one of comedy’s rising stars—reminding you that every time life leaves you asking “What in the world?!,” something good is bound to come out of it someday.
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Praise for What in the World?!

“This book is the inspirational story that we all need. With hard work, determination, and a quick sense of humor, Leanne Morgan went from marriage to motherhood to realizing her dreams. And she tells you all about it—yes, all of it—in her signature tell-it-like-it-is southern style that will make you chuckle from start to finish. No one makes me laugh harder than Leanne Morgan!”—Reese Witherspoon

“Leanne Morgan’s What in the World?! made me laugh, cry, relate . . . all of it! I saw myself in her stories of growing up on a farm and having big dreams, and not having any idea how to make them come true. And she tells every story with great humor and a big heart. I was cheering for her all along as I watched her faith and determination take her to the top of her game. I adore Leanne now more than I already did! I loved every word.”—Trisha Yearwood

“It is a scientific fact that everyone loves Leanne Morgan, and for good reason.  She is warm, inviting, kind, and very funny. Somehow, What in the World?! captures and delivers all of Leanne’s charms.  This book is exactly what we need today. I could hear her say every word I read.”—Jim Gaffigan

“If you read this book in public, just know you will experience numerous giggle fits at any given moment. But the risk is worth the reward! What a treasure we have in this blond, big-panty-wearing southern belle who’s not afraid to share some of her life’s most honest and sometimes embarrassing stories. Leanne is, as she likes to say, a doll.”—Fortune Feimster

“I’m not a good reader. But with my wife’s help I read the whole thing! You will enjoy this book cover to cover just like we did. Leanne is one of the most original people I have ever met, and I’m lucky to get to have her as a friend.”—Nate Bargatze
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About the Author

Leanne Morgan
Leanne Morgan is a comedian, actress, writer, producer, wife, mother, and grandmama. Her first Netflix special, I’m Every Woman, was one of the most-watched specials on Netflix in 2023. Leanne has been named to the Forbes 50 Over 50 list and Variety’s 10 Comics to Watch list. When she’s not on the road, Leanne loves to be at home in Knoxville, Tennessee, with her husband, three children, two grandbabies, and beagle. More by Leanne Morgan
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