The Bored Book

The Bored Book

Word Games, Quizzes, and Other Phone-Free Activities to Liven Up Your Dull Moments--An Activity Book for Adults

About the Book

The perfect antidote for any boredom crisis that may pop up during the day, featuring solo activities, games for multiple players, fun trivia, Bible memory verses, and more!

Designed to be compact enough to be taken on the go, The Bored Book is the perfect companion for those moments of monotony that drag on throughout the day—in doctor’s offices, on public transportation, or in any other “waiting” spaces. Instead of reaching for your phone, flip through this activity book and discover mindful distractions ranging from tic-tac-toe and sketching pages to word searches and visual scavenger hunts. If you're looking for ways to dig deeper during “in between” moments, you will also find breath prayers, Scripture memory tips, and reflection questions.

Divided into two main sections—Solo Activities and Multiplayer Games—this on-the-go activity book offers something for every instance of apathy that might come your way, whether you're feeling introverted or extroverted. A bonus section at the back of the book includes space for tracking when you're most likely to get bitten by the boredom bug and pages for charting your wins against it.

Everyone gets bored sometimes, but may this book be your antidote.
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About the Author

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