The Path to Self-Love

The Path to Self-Love

Heal Your Heart, Set Healthy Boundaries & Unlock Your Inner Strength


June 11, 2024 | ISBN 9780593796696


June 11, 2024 | ISBN 9780593796702

About the Book

A raw and honest guide to cultivating self-love, balancing it with loving others, and unlocking your healing journey, from the poet and Instagram sensation

“A sanctuary of comfort and self-discovery.”—Vex King

Self-love is not as simple as it sounds. It’s more than basic self-care practices or indulging your every desire—done right, it’s the key to unlocking and fostering true healing. It requires self-acceptance, difficult decisions, and learning when to let go and move on. In her first full-length self-help book, Ruby Dhal explores what self-love means to her and guides you to cultivate true self-love within your own life.

With the same welcoming and honest voice—that of an empathetic best friend who’s been through it all—that her fans know and love online, Dhal shares her own personal stories and healing journey, from how her Sikh family was forced out of Afghanistan and arrived as refugees in the UK to losing her mother at a very young age, grappling with her father’s alcoholism, and battling toxic relationships with friends and loved ones. She realized that healing is not a linear path but a staggered line, and self-love is the only thing that can save you in those moments of darkness.

Self-love doesn’t exist in a vacuum; the tricky part is knowing how to love yourself while maintaining healthy relationships with the other people in your life. Dhal shares practical strategies for setting boundaries and respectfully navigating different relationships without losing your self-love. She also explores the everyday challenges that might disrupt your self-love journey, from comparison on social media to negative thoughts and unhealthy relationships with food.

Written for anyone seeking to heal from challenges like the loss of a loved one, heartbreak, or toxic relationships, The Path to Self-Love is your key to loving yourself wholly and unlocking the doors to happiness, healthy relationships, and fully realized dreams.
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About the Author

Ruby Dhal
Ruby Dhal is a British-Afghan writer, poet, content creator, and bestselling author. She moved to the UK at the age of three and, within a year, lost her mom. This started Ruby’s lifelong healing journey and inspired her to create art to heal hearts all over the world. More by Ruby Dhal
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