Lessons for Living

Lessons for Living

What Only Adversity Can Teach You

About the Book

Profound essays that cut through the messiness of life to help you get the good from the bad—by famed therapist Phil Stutz, the New York Times bestselling co-author of The Tools and subject of the Netflix documentary Stutz
“Is there another way? Can you live life with its conflicts, uncertainties, and disappointments and somehow feel good about yourself? You can. But it requires a completely new orientation.”
There are issues, and there are issues—love, loss, success, failure, hope, regret, life, death. How can we even begin to think clearly about dilemmas so universally confounding? Phil Stutz has spent his life pondering the big challenges that we all face, and this profound book puts the conclusions he’s reached at your fingertips.
Stutz has been writing these remarkably insightful short essays since the late 1990s, which are collected here for the first time, along with new insights specific to the unique challenges of today. Each one will change the way you think, but taken all together, this book becomes something far more than the sum of its parts: a compendium of human experience and knowledge that will reframe your worldview. There are hard truths here—the acknowledgment that life is full of pain and not a single one of us is special enough to escape it—but we need to understand and accept them in order to realize our full potential.
While The Tools explains the general concepts and five specific practices that Stutz employs in treatment, Lessons for Living addresses real-world circumstances, such as the needs of children, rising above envy, defeating your bad habits, the positive side of anger, and facing insecurities, offering a new way to think about life itself.
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Praise for Lessons for Living

Praise for Phil Stutz

“His psychology has an otherworldly dimension. . . . His existentialist teaching is as much a spiritual education as it is a therapeutic endeavor.”Los Angeles Times

“Throughout his career, Stutz has earned a reputation as a go-to Hollywood therapist who’s helped everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow to Adam McKay unblock their creative channels. It is not difficult to understand why these people turn to Stutz, who rejects the approach of conventional therapy. Rather than remain neutral, he has concrete tools that provide some relief in the first session.”The New Yorker
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About the Author

Phil Stutz
Phil Stutz graduated phi beta kappa from the City College of New York and received his MD from New York University. He worked as a psychiatrist at the Rikers Island jail complex and then in private practice in New York before moving his practice to Los Angeles in 1982. He is the bestselling co-author of The Tools and Coming Alive. More by Phil Stutz
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