How to Raise the Perfect Dog

How to Raise the Perfect Dog

Everything You Need to Know from Puppyhood to Adolescence and Beyond

About the Book

The ultimate no-bullsh*t guide to raising and training your puppy in the first year, with straight-talking advice from the trainer behind social media sensation Southend Dog Training

The first twelve months or so of a dog’s life are the hardest work, but Southend Dog Training founder Adam Spivey can help. In this handy guide to your puppy’s first year, he teaches you everything you need to know to understand your dog and help you both thrive. He shares essential guidance on:

• The top five dog breeds for a first-time owner and what to know about temperament 
• What to buy (and not buy) to prepare your home for a puppy
• Crate training, puppy potty training, and bedtime routines
• Basic training and leash walking
• Socialization, puppy separation anxiety, and more!
Adam says:

My simple, straight-talking approach takes all the nonsense out of dog training and puts your dog at the center of everything you do. You’ll hear me say again and again that I like to train the dog that’s in front of me, not follow a set of rules or guidelines that might not even apply to your puppy, and that’s what you’ll find here. Because for me, the dog always comes first.
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About the Author

Adam Spivey
Adam Spivey is the author of How to Raise the Perfect Dog and How to Train Your Dog. Known for his straight-talking approach to training and no-nonsense attitude, he has been training dogs for over a decade and has earned legions of fans and clients. Adam partnered with Evan Norfolk to develop Southend Dog Training, an online training platform, now with millions of followers and thousands of members worldwide. More by Adam Spivey
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