Lore Olympus: The Official Coloring Book

Lore Olympus: The Official Coloring Book

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About the Book

Dive into the world of Lore Olympus like never before with its first-ever official coloring book, featuring line art of the most iconic scenes from the gorgeous Eisner Award–winning comic.

From Olympus to the Underworld, explore the world of Lore Olympus with this oversize coloring book. Grab your moodiest blues and hottest pinks to color in Hades and Persephone’s first kiss. Snag a stormy purple and the most regal gold for Zeus and Hera, King and Queen of the gods. Find some playful reds and greens to fill in the mischievous Hermes and Poseidon—or take fate into your own hands and redesign the pantheon however you see fit!

Featuring eighty pages of original illustrations on thick paper, this coloring book is the perfect opportunity to spend more time with your favorite characters and scenes from the bestselling Lore Olympus series.
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About the Author

Rachel Smythe
Rachel Smythe is the creator of the Eisner Award-winning Lore Olympus, published via Webtoon. More by Rachel Smythe
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