Manga for the Beginner

Everything you Need to Start Drawing Right Away!

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Got manga?

Christopher Hart’s got manga, and he wants to share it with all his millions of readers—especially the beginners. With Manga for the Beginner, anyone who can hold a pencil can start drawing great manga characters right away. Using his signature step-by-step style, Hart shows how to draw the basic manga head and body, eyes, bodies, fashion, and more. Then he goes way beyond most beginner titles, exploring dynamic action poses, special effects, light and shading, perspective, popular manga types such as animals, anthros, and shoujo and shounen characters. By the end of this big book, the new artist is ready to draw dramatic story sequences full of movement and life.
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Manga for the Beginner

Ever wonder what makes a professional artist's action poses look so cool? Well, you're about to find out. You're going to see that certain principles are used over and over again to make poses more dramatic. They are: (1) having the figures lean into the pose, (2) using speed lines and forced perspective, (3) creating emphatic facial expressions, (4) indicating secondary actions, and (5) adding background motion. 

Christopher Hart's Manga for the Beginner Series

Manga for the Beginner Midnight Monsters
Manga for the Beginner Kawaii
Manga for the Beginner Shoujo
Manga for the Beginner Chibis
Manga for the Beginner

About the Author

Christopher Hart
Christopher Hart is the world's bestselling author of drawing and cartooning books. His books have sold more than six million copies and have been translated into more than 20 languages. Renowned for up-to-the-minute content and easy-to-follow steps, all of Hart's books have become staples for a new generation of aspiring artists and professionals, and they have been selected by the American Library Association for special notice. More by Christopher Hart
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