Holding the Reins

Holding the Reins

A Silver Pines Novel

About the Book

In this steamy cowboy romance, a woman returns to her family’s ranch after a broken engagement and finds herself falling for her brother’s best friend—the first novel in the Silver Pines Ranch series.

Take a deep breath and let go of the reins.

Cecilia “CeCe” Ashby is finally escaping the toxic relationship that has consumed her entire adult life. She’s returning to her hometown of Laurel Creek, Kentucky, and to her family’s equestrian ranch, unsure of what the future holds.

Nash Carter, the newly retired superstar of the Dallas Stars, is Laurel Creek’s hometown hero, local business owner, and notorious bachelor. He’s also the unofficial fourth sibling in the Ashby clan. It’s been years since his days of tormenting CeCe with her older brothers Wade and Cole. So, when CeCe needs a job, he feels drawn to help her.

Nash can’t seem to take his eyes off of his best friend’s sister, and it seems she’s been staring right back, but with animosity left over from his childish teasing back in the day. Despite their initial reluctance, the fire between them ignites, and it isn’t long before they jump into the flames.
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Silver Pines Ranch Series

Holding the Reins

About the Author

Paisley Hope
Paisley Hope is an avid lover of romance, a mother, a wife and a writer. Growing up in Canada, she wrote and dreamed of one day being able to create a place, a world where readers could immerse themselves, a place they wished was real, a place they saw themselves when they envisioned it. She loves her family time, gardening, baking, yoga and a good cab sav. More by Paisley Hope
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