Heaven's War

Heaven's War

About the Book

During the Six-Day War in 1967, Bethlehem and east Jerusalem were captured by the Israelis, and sovereign dominion of the holy city returned to the Jews for the first time in over two thousand years. At that time, a Dead Sea artifact, the Temple Scroll, was confiscated by the Israeli government. None of the Dead Sea Scrolls have surfaced in any official quarter since.

Andrei Vartanyan is a ruthless, special intelligence operative for the former Soviet Union who has a reputation for getting what he wants at any cost. Vartanyan is hot on the trail of a lost scroll, rumored to hold the key to unlocking the secrets of 64 hidden treasure sites described in the famous Copper Scroll. And he'll stop at nothing--not even murder--to get it.

Jack Calumet is one of the most proficient operatives the CIA has ever fielded. Calumet has gone up against Vartanyan once before, outfoxing him and levying a brilliant disinformation coup against the Russian and his comrades. But in the process, he lost the woman he loved.

Now, Jack Calumet wants revenge. But a shocking discovery with worldwide implications makes it clear that there is more to this top secret operation than he ever dreamed. And as the British, the Russians, the Arabs, the Israelis, and even the Vatican join in the chase, the stakes become higher than ever before. A powerful revelation concerning the Word of God and the foundation upon which it is based will stand or fall as Heaven's War reaches its final battle.
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About the Author

Scott Jones
Scott Jones is a graduate of Texas A&M University. He resides with his wife, Vicki, in Marietta, Georgia. More by Scott Jones
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