Join us on Tuesday, May 16 at 7:30 p.m. ET for an evening of storytelling and discussion with author, philanthropist, CEO, activist, and bookstore owner Rachel Cargle to celebrate the publication of A Renaissance of Our Own. Cargle will be joined LIVE by special guests Brittany Packnett Cunningham and Nedra Glover Tawwab (with others to be announced!) who will help introduce the themes of her book: reimagining belief systems, relationships, feminism, education, work, and rest. Aurora James and other guests will join the festivities with pre-recorded stories. 

There are breaking points in all our lives when we realize that the way things have been done before no longer serve us, be it the way we approach our relationships, our belief systems, our work, our education, even our rest. For Cargle, reimagining—the act of creating in our minds that which does not exist but that we believe can and should—has been a lifelong process. Reimagining served as the most powerful catalyst for Cargle’s personal transformation from a small-town Christian wife to an incisive queer feminist voice of a generation.­ ­

In A Renaissance of Our Own, we witness the sometimes painful but always inspiring breaking points in Cargle’s life that fostered a truer identity. These defining moments offer a blueprint for how we must all use our imagination—the space that sees beyond limits—to live in alignment with our highest values and to craft a world independent of oppressive structures. Cargle now invites you to acknowledge the ways of being that stem from societal expectations instead of your truth, and to embark on a renaissance of your own. She provides the very tools and prompts that she used to unearth her truth, tools that opened her up to being a more authentic feminist, and a purpose-driven matriarchal leader.­ ­

A Renaissance of Our Own gives us the courage to look at the world and say, “I want something different.” It serves as a reminder of the power and possibility of reimagining a life that feels right, all the way down to the marrow of your bones.

The event will be broadcast via Zoom, and each ticket includes a hardcover copy of A Renaissance of Our Own in addition to event access. Your book order will be fulfilled by Elizabeth’s Bookshop & Writing Centre. Please note shipping is only available for U.S. mailing addresses.

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Rachel Cargle founded The Loveland Foundation to provide healing for Black women, girls, and gender non-binary folks nationwide through therapy support. Support the Foundation’s work with a donation here, even $5 is an investment in generational change!

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May 16, 2023 • 7:30 pm ET

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