Samara Bay is a professional speech coach who’s worked with Hollywood’s biggest stars, political powerhouses, and businesspeople shaking up the status quo. She knows that getting heard is tricky business, especially for women, people of color, immigrants, and queer folks. Fortunately, the sound of power is changing. In Bay’s new game-changing book, Permission to Speak, she offers a fresh perspective on public speaking and a new definition of what power sounds like: namely, you. 

Random House Workshops is excited to offer a special opportunity to hear directly from this sought-after speech expert. Join us on February 23 at 8:00 p.m. ET for Random House Workshops: Samara Bay’s How to Be Heard & Lead with Confidence. Samara Bay will discuss how to strike the right balance of strength and warmth to land your message, and what to do before a high-stakes scenario so that your voice, your mind, and your spirit are ready. Most important: When we change what power sounds like, we change who has it.

Tickets for this event are free, but you will have the option to order Samara Bay’s Permission to Speak when you register for your ticket. Book orders will be fulfilled by our independent bookstore partner, Charis Books & More (U.S. mailing addresses only). We look forward to a fun and productive evening. 

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About the Author

Samara Bay coaches rising business leaders, political hopefuls, and public figures who need to speak in a voice they recognize as their own to truly make waves. She runs workshops and speaks at organizations around the world to support a new, diverse sound of power. In Hollywood, she helps movie stars integrate good acting with good accents, and has coached clients including Gal Gadot, Pierce Brosnan, Penélope Cruz, Ricky Martin, Terry Crews, Rachel McAdams, Ruth Negga, and Anjelica Huston. She has a BA from Princeton University and an MFA from Brown University.

Event Details

February 23, 2023 • 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm ET

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