Join us on February 7 at 7:00 PM ET as social psychologist Dr. Devon Price discusses Systemic Shame, expansive recognition, and his new book: Unlearning Shame. All registrants will also get a sneak peek audiobook clip from the book!

Systemic Shame is the socially engineered self-loathing that says we are solely to blame for our circumstances. It tells us that poverty is remedied by hard-working people pulling themselves up by their bootstraps, that marginalized people are personally responsible for solving the problem of their own oppression, and that massive global crises like climate change can be solved with individual action. The more we try and ultimately fail to live up to impossible societal standards of moral goodness, the more shame we feel.

Social psychologist Dr. Devon Price knows firsthand the destructive effects of Systemic Shame; he experienced shame and self-hatred as he grappled with his transgender identity, feeling as if his suffering was caused by his own actions rather than systems like cissexism. In Unlearning Shame, Dr. Price explores how we can deal with those hard emotions more effectively, tackling the societal shame we’ve absorbed and directed at ourselves. He introduces the antidote to Systemic Shame: expansive recognition, an awareness of one’s position in the larger social world and the knowledge that our battles are only won when they are shared.

We’ll spend the evening unpacking some of the book’s toolkits and exercises while diving into the overarching messages of the book. Plus, you’ll have the chance to submit a question for Dr. Price when you register—a selection of which will be answered live during the event!

To join the event, simply preorder Unlearning Shame and submit proof of purchase when registering. We can’t wait to see you there!

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February 7, 2024 • 7:00 pm ET

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