From Olivia Gatwood comes WHOEVER YOU ARE, HONEY—a darkly brilliant novel exploring how women shape themselves beneath the gaze of love, friendship, and the algorithm.

Join us on July 15 at 7:30 p.m. ET to celebrate the publication of Olivia’s debut novel as she hosts a writing workshop on loop stories!

A loop story is a short writing exercise that challenges writers to construct a narrative which ends exactly where it begins. Culturally, we’ve grown not only familiar with, but accustomed to, the loop story. On Instagram or TikTok, a video will often start where it ended, and viewers will find themselves watching it upwards of ten times before they realize it’s even finished. In a loop story, we can play with the comedy of doing something over and over, but we can also play with the horror of doing something over and over. In this workshop, we will read and watch examples of loop stories, then attempt to write our own.

To join, simply preorder a copy of WHOEVER YOU ARE, HONEY from the retailer of your choice and submit proof of your purchase when registering. We can’t wait to see you there!

Event Details

July 15, 2024 • 7:30 pm ET

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Random House Publishing Group