Random House Publishing Group Influencer Partnerships

FTC Disclosure Reminders

You are under no obligation to post about complimentary copies you receive from Random House Publishing Group. However, if you choose to do so (and we hope you will!) it is important that you follow the below disclosure requirements in accordance with Federal Trade Commission rules and requirements relating to influencer marketing and advertising. You must include one of the following disclosures “above the fold” (before any “expand” or “more” button) on all social media posts on all platforms:

  • Include the hashtag #sponsored, #paid, #ad, #gifted or #RandomHousePartner and tag @randomhouse (Note: For #RandomHousePartner, the first letter of each word should be capitalized for clarity.)
  • “Thanks for the free book/swag, @randomhouse”

If your post is a video, this disclosure must occur within the video itself via voiceover and/or superimposed text.

These requirements apply to all posts, including those that may disappear after a certain period (e.g., Instagram/Facebook/TikTok Stories, Snaps, other).

Please also remember to tag us on all platforms so we see your posts!

(Note: @penguinrandomhouse has separate accounts, please tag Random House specifically so we see you!)