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A Letter from the Inklore Team

First and foremost, thank you. Inklore is for our readers—in a lot of ways, it’s by our readers—and without them, we never would have had the chance to build this imprint. Our readers have spent years championing stories and creators from around the world that are beloved by so many people, including those of us here at Inklore. 

At its core, being a fan of something means sharing it with as many people as possible. We take what we love and make it big. If you’ve ever spent hours online hunting down the novel that one drama was based on, or the perfect fanfic to scratch the itch of your latest obsession, you’re in the right place.

Inklore is an imprint of Random House Worlds that publishes the best in manga, manhwa, manhua, webcomics, and graphic novels for adults, both young and young-at-heart. Pop culture enthusiasts looking for vibrant, transportive visual storytelling that is emotionally intelligent and indulgent will find a catalogue of the newest, most enticing stories here at Inklore. 

With stunning creators whose work is full of chemistry, escapism, and authenticity, we hope to inspire keyboard-smashing, AO3 ship tags, fanart, and cosplay designs. We aspire for every series to make readers feel like a kid under the covers with a flashlight again, trying to squeeze in one more chapter before sleep. Our incredible writers, artists, and world-builders will bring readers magic, romance, thrills, chills, and the very best slices of the messiest lives. Also, swoopy hair. 

Thank you again for coming with us on this adventure. We are so excited to welcome all of you! 


The Inklore Team

Random House Publishing Group