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Convergent Team

TINA CONSTABLE, Executive Vice President & Publisher
Convergent, Forum Books, Image, Ink & Willow, Multnomah, WaterBrook

Over the course of her thirty-seven-year career, Tina has had a variety of roles at Penguin Random House. A driving publishing force behind numerous #1 bestsellers across a wide range of categories, Tina brings her varied experience and unique abilities to provide a strategic and multi-faceted approach to our most important publications. As Publisher, she co-led the publication strategy of A Promised Land by President Barack Obama and Becoming by Michelle Obama. Tina has also overseen strategy for numerous bestselling books and authors, including President George W. Bush, Justice Neil Gorsuch, Tim Tebow, Jennie Allen, John Mark Comer, Mark Batterson, Michael Todd, Charles Krauthammer, and Erik Larson, Peter Thiel and many others. 

CAMPBELL WHARTON, Vice President & Deputy Publisher
Convergent, Forum Books, Image, Ink & Willow, Multnomah, WaterBrook

Campbell oversees publishing strategy and operations, using his expertise across marketing, sales, and publicity to launch and position books in the marketplace. He has led publications in multiple categories, including celebrity, music, pop culture, social justice, politics, business, religion, and current affairs, working with such notable authors as Tim Tebow, Daymond John, Michael Todd, Austin Channing Brown, Jon Meacham, Jennie Allen, Peter Thiel, Justice Neil Gorsuch, Richard Rohr, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Campbell started his publishing career in his native Australia in the production department at Random House. Campbell is also an Adjunct Professor at NYU’s School of Professional Studies.

DEREK REED, Editorial Director
and Image
Derek joined Penguin Random House in 2011 and has since edited a wide range of New York Times bestsellers, including Austin Channing Brown’s I’m Still Here, Jedidiah Jenkins’s To Shake the Sleeping Self, Cole Arthur Riley’s This Here Flesh, Richard Rohr’s The Universal Christ, George W. Bush’s Out of Many, One and Portraits of Courage, Scott Harrison’s Thirst, Shaka Senghor’s Writing My Wrongs, and Kevin and Melissa Fredericks’ Marriage Be Hard. Acquiring in the categories of religion, politics, memoir, pop culture, sports, leadership, and psychology, Derek looks for authors with distinct voices, unforgettable stories, and unique ways of addressing how we live and seek meaning in a complex world. 

KATY HAMILTON, Executive Editor
Before joining Convergent, Katy worked for HarperOne for fourteen years, most recently as Executive Editor, where she acquired New York Times bestselling books including Rachel Held Evans’ Wholehearted Faith (with Jeff Chu), Gary John Bishop’s Unfu*k Yourself, and Hilarie Burton Morgan’s The Rural Diaries and Grimoire Girl. She has also worked with bestselling authors such as Diana Butler Bass, Father James Martin, Jana Kramer, Propaganda, Arielle Estoria, the estates of C. S. Lewis and Henri J. M. Nouwen, as well as upcoming highlights with authors Kristin Johns, Paul Scheer, Emily P. Freeman, and Brianna Pastor. Katy is looking to acquire authors whose transformational message reaches both faith-based and general audiences, acquiring commercial non-fiction in the categories of spirituality, self-help, personal and spiritual growth, mental health and wellness, and inspirational memoir and lifestyle. Katy is based in San Francisco.


Matt joined Convergent with nine years of experience as a freelance editor of religious nonfiction, focusing especially on Christian theology, religious cultural criticism, and radical politics.  Matt has a PhD in theology—with a special focus on theology of culture and Black Liberation Theology—as well as undergraduate and master’s degrees in religious studies. With this depth of knowledge, Matt brings an invaluable and thoughtful perspective to our editorial conversations on issues regarding the intersection of faith and culture. Most recently he has acquired Spellbound by Molly Worthen, Old Gods, by Tara Isabella Burton, and Struck Down, Not Destroyed by Colleen Dulle. Looking ahead, Matthew will continue to acquire books that attest to the legacy, challenges, contradictions, and promise of faith in contemporary life—including memoirs, books on the spiritual and emotional life, self-help, social history, social commentary, and comedy. 

LEITA WILLIAMS, Associate Editor
Leita joined PRH as an Editorial Assistant in 2021, and has since worked on many of Convergent’s bestselling publications including Good Enough by Kate Bowler and Jessica Richie, This Here Flesh by Cole Arthur Riley, and What We Wish Were True by Tallu Quinn. Acquiring in the categories of memoir, essays, pop culture, LGBTQ+ voices, self-improvement, creative nonfiction, and poetry for Convergent—Leita is drawn to candid, redemptive storytelling that highlights human connection, inspires and champions creativity, and celebrates the diverse intersection of faith and culture.

ASHLEY SHOEMAKER, Editorial Assistant
Ashley Shoemaker is an editorial assistant to Derek Reed and Katy Hamilton at Convergent.  She has been compelled by faith-based nonfiction for many years and is excited to interact with the genre beyond personal interest. She is ready and eager to seek out new talents and add to Convergent’s list. In her downtime, Ashley loves to write, travel, spend time with loved ones, and volunteer with her church and sorority.  She graduated with honors from William Paterson University with a bachelor’s degree in English.  Ashley was a fellow for the Literary Agents of Change Fellowship program prior to joining the PRH team at the end of 2023.

JENNIFER REYES, Publishing Manager
Christian Publishing
Jennifer began her publishing career in 2005 as a publicity assistant before pivoting to editorial. As publishing manager, Jen manages faith-based titles across Convergent, Forum Books, Image, Ink & Willow, Multnomah and WaterBrook imprints. She works closely with the publishing team to oversee the frontlist and backlist titles, prepare timelines, and liaise with the marketing, publicity, and sales team to meet vital deadlines from acquisition to publication.